Hi-Macs® Solid Surfaces

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 Thanks to its large colour pallet, thermoforming, inconspicuous jointing and translucent properties HI-MACS® provides a limitless range of possibilities for even the most ambitious designs.

Add to this the fact it is super hygienic and its resistance to stains – it is an ideal material for use in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Hospitals, Medical Premises and so much more!

Suited PERFECTLY for Commercial & Domestic uses!

HiMacs Solid Surfaces - COLOURS

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SO Solid Surface..

Installers & experienced fabricators of Hi-Macs Solid Surfaces throughout the UK & Europe

  • Hi-Macs POS Displays
  • Hi-Macs Worktops & Counters.
  • Hi-Macs Reception Desks
  • Bespoke Joinery Manufacture
  • & more!

A fusion of Joinery Manufacture & Solid Surface Technologies

SO Solid Surface have a wealth of experience…

Hi-Macs Fabricators in UK & Europe

LG Hi-Macs worktops are a fantastic product which provides all the benefits of stone worktops like granite, marble & quartz but as it is blended with acrylic, this process helps to produces a solid work surface which is super hygienic – (unlike pure natural stone).

Hi Macs is totally non-porous and so does not harbour germs and bacteria – this is just one reason it makes such a great worktop. Virtually maintenance free and resistant to staining – you’ll find it hard to pick fault or find reasons not to use HiMacs on your commercial or domestic project.

HiMacs – ultimate versatility…

Used in bars, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, oh and yes the home too. HiMacs is a hygienic, durable and beautiful product that can help make a great first impression to all that see it.

It can be formed into literally any shape you wish, it can perform lots of functions and is so flexible that it is not only used for kitchen or bathroom work tops, you could quite literally make furniture from it, desks, bars, displays, wall cladding and so much more. If you have an idea – SO Solid Surface will help bring it to fruition.

  • Ten year Hi-Macs Guarantee – a product manufactured to last!
  • Our HI-MACS® Eden Plus Surfaces are one of the most environmentally conscious acrylic products available.
  • Seamless Joints so there are no unsigthly lines breaking up your design.
  • Repairable and renewable – scratches if they happen can magically disappear.
  • LG Hausys Surfaces offers a stunning palette of 113 Acrylic Solid Surface colors as well as 30 amazing Quartz surfaces
  • Hotel vanity units
  • Reception desks
  • Food serverys
  • Airport check in desks
  • Bank and retail counters
  • Signage
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Bathroom vanity tops
  • Shower trays
  • Shower wall cladding
  • Window cills
  • Tabletops

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