Staron® Solid Surfaces

Limitless Design Possibilities…

 Staron® solid surfaces are growing more and more popular across a wide range of business sectors as it’s suited particularly in restaurants, in the kitchen as well as serving and display counters too. Staron is also often used in hospitals, doctors surgeries and is popular in modern  dental practices too owing to its amazing hygienic qualities.

The properties of the material itself make the design possibilities of this solid surface endless. Explore the features and benefits of choosing Staron Surface Material for yourself, you’ll love what you find!

Hygienic Staron Solid Surfaces for Commercial & Domestic uses!

Staron Solid Surfaces - COLOURS

there's a colour or style for every taste

SO Solid Surface..

Installers & experienced fabricators of Staron Solid Surfaces throughout the UK & Europe

  • Staron POS Displays
  • Staron Worktops & Counters.
  • Staron Reception Desks
  • Bespoke Joinery Manufacture
  • & more!

A fusion of Joinery Manufacture & Solid Surface Technologies

SO Solid Surface have a wealth of experience…

Staron Fabricators in UK & Europe

SO Solid Surface turn ambitious solid surface designs into fully-functional and practical kitchens & bathrooms for the home owner with a discerning taste. Made of 100% durable acrylic material, Staron® Solid Surfaces are extremely versatile, have amazing hygienic qualities and are so often the top choice for commercial spaces, medical applications and food service and preparation countertops.

Staron® Solid Surfaces are super practical as they are durable, stain resistant, easy to clean, and easily repairable if you ever find the need to do so. A non porous material, Staron® resists bacteria, mould and moisture from penetrating the surface. It is these qualities which give Staron its deserved status as one of the worlds very best Solid Surface Materials.

Staron – it’s all about flexibility…

Staron® Solid Surfaces come in a fantastic range of styles and colours and have imperceptible seams. This enables designers to integrate things like sinks, backsplashes, and countertops into a smooth, one-piece kitchen or bathroom system. no more unsightly joins spoiling that super slick look!

Damaged your Staron® countertop? Well don’t worry – another amazing advantage of this type of product is that you do not need to replace the full thing as scratches, cracks, scuffs etc can be easily sanded out, leaving your countertop fully restored to its original beauty.

  • Ten year Staron Guarantee – a product manufactured to last!
  • Staron is NSF Compliant and so is one of the few surfaces certified safe
    for direct contact with food.
  • Seamless Joints so there are no unsigthly lines breaking up your design.
  • Repairable and renewable – scratches if they happen can magically disappear.
  • Staron® is non-porous and so is impervious to moisture, making it highly resistant to bacterial growth. This also makes them highly stain resistant.
  • Hotel vanity units
  • Reception desks
  • Food serverys
  • Airport check in desks
  • Bank and retail counters
  • Signage
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Bathroom vanity tops
  • Shower trays
  • Shower wall cladding
  • Window cills
  • Tabletops

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